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  • About me

  • Born: South Africa
    Star sign: Cancer
    Lives in: United Kingdom
    Myers-Briggs Personality-type: ISTJ
  • Schooling

  • Schools attended: Port Shepstone (to Yr7), Hilton college (Yr8), Linpark High School (Yrs9-11)
  • Education

  • Undergraduate: HND Electronics (Natal Technikon), BCom (UNISA)
    Postgraduate: MBA (Bath)
  • Other

  • Drivers: Experiencing & achieving new things, doing things to best of my ability
    Hates: "Jobsworths" - People with no common sense, who delight in enforcing the same processes they have always done without understanding why and without the initiative to change that which is wrong.

    Career: IT networking & security, architecture & consulting

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